Crystal and Rhinestone Cake Banding Guide


 What type of crystal cake banding do you sell?

Our cake banding is Preciosa crystal banding made in the Czech Republic. Any bride would be impressed with the quality of the crystal cake trim. Our rhinestone crystal cake banding is made of the highest quality, machine-cut, pointed back crystals in a metal setting. Most of our cake trim comes in silver, but we do have some sizes available in a gold setting as well.

How will I receive my cake banding?
All of our banding is sold by the foot and will be sent in one continuous strand, up to 36 feet, unless requested otherwise. We offer our banding by the foot, instead of by the yard, to offer you the most flexibility in ordering you cake trim.

What sizes are available?
We currently stock crystal cake ribbon in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 row sizes. Each row is approximately 1/5th inch (5mm) wide. Our most popular sizes are the 5 row (1 inch wide) and the 10 row (2 inch wide) banding.

Is the crystal banding available in other finishes?
We offer our 4 row banding in gold. All of our other banding is available in silver only.

What is Crystal AB banding and do you carry it?
Crystal AB (Aurora Borealis) refers to a special coating applied to the crystals at manufacturing time that gives them more of an iridescence. We do not currently stock Crystal AB, but we can special order it in 1, 2 or 3 row sizes.

How large are the crystals?
Our crystal cake banding uses ss19 crystals which are 5 mm (roughly 1/5 inch) in width.


How easy is it to cut?
It is very easy to cut. We generally use scissors, but a utility knife will work as well.

How much banding do I need to order?
The amount of cake trim that you will need depends on the size and shape of your cake. We have a downloadable cake trim guide available here. In order to calculate the total amount needed, find the shape and size of each tier on the cake and add the circumferences / perimeters together.

For example, if you had a 14 inch, 10 inch and 6 inch round tiered cake, the calculations would be as follows:

14 inch = 45" circumference
10 inch = 32" circumference
6 inch = 19" circumference
45 + 32 + 19 = 96 inches divided by 12 inches equals 8 feet.

Anything over an even foot needs to be rounded up to the next foot (2 foot 4 inches would need to be rounded up to 3 feet, for example).

We do recommend that you order at least an additional foot of banding beyond the calculated amount to allow for cake size variations and to cover any errors made after the banding is cut.

I'm having trouble with the math.
We would be more than happy to assist you with determining the amount of banding that you will need. Please use our Contact Us form found here and provide the shapes and sizes of each tier of your cake. We can do the rest.

Will the banding only work on my cake?
Not at all. There are many applications for the crystal banding. While we've most commonly seen it used on wedding cakes, we've had many customers use it as a wrap for their wedding bouquets, glued or sewn onto other fabrics as decoration. We've also seen it applied to glassware as a centerpiece, headband bows, table runner accents...the list goes on and on. The banding is very flexible which lends itself to many possible uses.