Bridal Shower Games (Set of 10) - Blue

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Let the games begin! Guests will be delighted to play these fun interactive Bridal Shower Games in our Parisian Party or Wedding Shower themes. Choose from 3 different types of popular games (or buy all three!).

Word Scramble - Have your guests unscramble common wedding related words, put a timer on them for added pressure, and game on!

What's in your Purse? - Your guests will go through their purses to see what they have; common items are worth less points, and unlikely items are worth more - highest point holder wins!

Love is Sweet Candy Bar Match Up - Guests will match up wedding related phrases with a popular candy bar name (for example: "bridesmaids" could be "hot tamales"!).

Each set includes 10 game cards, all the same game. Answer keys provided with order.


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