Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

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My Hair! What will I do with my Hair!

When the thrill of the new engagement dies down and the plans begin to fall into place, the hair and makeup will become a big part in your planning! Typically most women struggle with their hair to begin with but then add in the pressure to be perfect on your wedding day, and it is nothing but stress and angst to find the right hairstyle! There are so many options for how to wear your hair – and we really suggest you go to your salon and have a consult (or 2 or 3 or 4) to help you decide what style will be perfect for the look you want to achieve. Then you can decide if  that style warrants a bridal accessory like Bridal Headbands, Bridal Tiaras or even simple Bridal Hair Pins.

Updo’s are always a popular style as it elongates the neck and gives a bride a long elegant look! With updo’s come an array of beautiful bridal accessories that will help you make your style more ornate and elegant. Whether you choose hair pins, headbands, hair combs or even a hair bow – whatever accent you select will make you look fabulous!

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