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Amaking Cake with Rhinestone Banding and Monogram Cake Topper

Planning your wedding can be a magical and joyous occasion. Women, all over the world, get to play the ultimate game of dress up by picking out beautiful gowns, dresses for their closest friends, and the perfect colors and designs for their wedding reception. The wedding cake is one of the most important aspects of the wedding so incorporating special looks and lots of style into this famous dessert can be really fun.

When picking out your wedding cake, it’s important to first choose what flavor of cake you want. Many people believe a wedding cake is only vanilla, or yellow, cake. However, many brides and grooms are choosing unique flavors for their cakes such as strawberry, chocolate, red velvet, or a mixture of different flavors. The icing is obviously another important choice to make. Today, there are many flavors that can be used for the icing that still allow for bakers to craft beautiful designs on the cake. Butter cream frosting or fondant can be used to create a very smooth surface to the cake’s overall look. Once you have the base of the cake and the icing, you can move on to the design elements.

Most brides tend to want a lot of elegance to their wedding cake’s look. Although a typical wedding cake has a few tiers, and a cake topper, more and more brides are choosing to add color and sparkle. Color can be added with fondant or colored icing. Many cake decorators are even adding various flowers to the cake that will match up perfectly with the wedding colors. For sparkle, brides are choosing sequins, beads, and crystals to dress up a cake’s look. A rhinestone banding is an excellent addition because it can be easily applied to each layer of the cake. Although this band is easy to apply, it creates a truly beautiful look with lots of detail and sparkle. These small accents can make massive amounts of appeal.

Many brides and grooms want their cakes to be completely personalized and designed specifically with them in mind. An easy way to do this is by adding a monogram cake topper. These cake toppers feature the bride and grooms initials. The initials are usually of their first and last names. These toppers are available in a multitude of colors, materials, and are easy to apply. The cake toppers simply rest on top of the top tier of the wedding cake.

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