Custom Weddings Have Monogram Cake Toppers and Bouquet Jewelry

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Monogram Cake ToppersSince every bride wants her wedding day to be memorable, she will ensure that every detail of the ceremony and reception are unique. That is why more monogram cake toppers are being displayed on top of wedding cakes. What makes this type of cake topper so unique compared to the modern-day cake topper of a bride and groom on top is that the monogram is a symbol of the married couple. Having a monogram topper is a symbol reminder to everyone at the reception that these two people have decided to unite their lives.


In fact, this type of topper is so personable that many couples will choose a symbol that represents their combined futuristic lifestyle. It is for this reason that many monogram toppers are designed with a unique shape and has jewelry accessories that add elegance to the cake. Although many people choose to have their monogram’s custom designed there are many popular styles that are in demand. These styles are some of the most notable jewelry and handbag designers who have symbols displaying their popular products.


beautiful bouquet jewerlySince couple’s getting married are more concerned about their fashionable look than anything else it is no wonder that besides having a cake with memorable designs on it many brides are adding jewelry to their bouquets. By having bouquet jewelry the bride’s accessories are sure to be appealing as she walks down the aisle. Although no bride wants anything to outshine her dress, the added accessories to her bouquet typically make the entire outfit look more extravagant. Which is why jewelry in a bouquet is also very popular when it comes to the bride’s accessories.

A jewelry bouquet is something that can be designed just for the bride by choosing her favorite colorful stones and delicately adding them to the petals of her flowers. This tends to give a little shine to the bouquet for the bride that wants the extra eye attraction. Besides adding colorful stones to the petals on the flowers many brides are also selecting designer jewelry to add to their bouquets. Since many people are impressed by designer labels it is no wonder that displaying a favorite designer’s symbol on a bouquet has caught on to the point that they are now a part of the main attraction as the bride glides down the aisle. How a bride chooses to have her cake topper and bouquet decorated is completely her decision, and it typically shows because the added personal touch that will be displayed for everyone to see.

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